Multi 2S VS Multi 2D, 2017 Version (1.1) : What is Multi 2S & New Phylosophy Treatment to 2D.

if north open the bidding
by multi 2d = weak h6/s6 & may be some strong option ,
it is most likely a weak M6 with 8+/-hcp
and Propability of hcp locations shall be:

north = 8+/-
south = 11+/-
east= 11+/-
west= 11+/-


ns = 20(-) & ew = 20(+)hcp
ns have a good chance for 2h/2s but ew can do 3c/3d

change 1

when north start 2d,
if east-west has value to complete
==> shall take that the 2d is “2S” & act Accordingly:

action from 2nd seat (east)

1) take out double = (a) a min of 12-16hcp
.                                   ==> take out to 2s opening = a balance (or semi) hand of h(3)4+
.                                   or (b) any good hand of 17+hcp

2) to overcall 2h = 12-16hcp, good h5+, naturally.

3) to overcall 2nt = (15)16-18hcp, semi/balance, with stoppers in both M.

4) to overcall 3c/3d = 12-16hcp Goodful m(5)6+

5) to overcall 3h/3s = 12-16hcp, M(6)7+ & 8 playing tricks in hand.

6) to overcall 3nt = 15+hcp with a running m(6)7+ & to play.

7) if Convenience store
.    ==> 4c/4d = leaping Michelle = m&M, 5+&5+ & (7)8+ playing tricks in hand

8) to bid 2s = cuebidding (to weak 2s !!) = multi 2s

9) pass = (a) not to complete or
.               (b) 12+hcp, 2m of d5+&c4+, d>c,waiting to complete later.
.               (c) with 12+hcp & s4/5+, can’t t/o to weak 2s or can’t overcall 2s


what is 2s?

2s is a take out from 2 minors or 3 suiters ==> short in s:

(a) 2m @ 4+, normally c(=/>) d, 13-15/ 15-17 hcp (if max = 5+&5+)
or (b) 3 suited of s=0/1, h = 4, m = 4-4/4-5 & min = 12-15 or max = 15-17hcp

after east 2s = Multi : west action shall be:

pass = a weak hand of s6+

3c/3d = prefer to play there

4c/4d = Preemptive war.

2nt: f1, likely from a hand of 3+ help cards in minor Base & processes will be:

West               North                East                            South
—                    2d: multi          2s:multi                      Pass
2nt:f1             Pass                  3c: min, c4+&d4+ (c=/>d)
.                                                 3d: min, 3 Suiters
.                                                 3h: max, 3 suiters
.                                                 3s: max, 2m@5+, splt in s
.                                                 3nt: max, 2m@5-, splt in h


in case of 2m but d>c, shall pass
& waiting for opportunity to complete later by 2nt!! (or 3nt/4nt)

West               North                East                            South
—                       2d                    pass                           2h: p/c
pass                 p/2s                   2nt = 2m, d5+>c4+

(to be continued)


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